The Facts

How Big is the Problem?

The US child welfare system invests less than half of what an average family spends on their children. iFoster is closing this gap by providing foster youth of all ages with the resources and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

The Facts
  • On any given day there are nearly 438,000 children and youth in foster care.
  • Nearly 110,000 are waiting to be adopted, waiting year after year for their forever home.
  • For children in foster care, the government invests less than 50% of what it costs to raise a child.
  • Any resource, experience or opportunity beyond a basic need is not required to be provided. 
  • Approx. 25,000 youth age out of foster care every year and must be financially and emotionally self-sufficient by as young as 18.
The Fallout

Given the facts, it is not surprising that within four years of aging out:

  • 70% will be on government assistance.
  • 50% will be unemployed.
  • 50% will experience homelessness.
  • 25% will not have completed high school.
  • Less than 12% will every earn their college degree.
Resulting in $1 Million economic burden to society for each young person we fail.

The good news: iFoster with our partners are dramatically improving these outcomes - this is a solvable problem.

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